Production Company in Cape Town – Film, Video & TV Production

ROLLING THUNDER is one of the industry’s leading film production companies in South Africa, having produced international Film, Video, and TV productions in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and abroad. Cape Town is a great city for film, video and TV productions due to its versatility and currency benefits.

We offer production services in Cape Town for:

TV Commercials

Online Video Content

Production Servicing


Corporate Films


Stills Production

Feature Films

ROLLING THUNDER has covered the full spectrum of many film & TV productions in Cape Town, this has led to it becoming one of the leading comprehensive production companies in Cape Town. As a leading film production company we combine creative excellence with technical innovation to create engaging productions that have a major impact on the intended target market. Whether you need a TV Commercial, online video content, stills production, corporate video production or any kind of production servicing in Cape Town, ROLLING THUNDER delivers.

We take care of everything from A to Z in any production in Cape Town and the rest of South Africa – from concept development, storyboarding, location scouting, casting, finding the right director and production crew, to post production, grading, sound design and final delivery. We give you access to the best local and international talent and technical crew available, as well as any camera, lens or custom-built rig that the production requires. 
We can also arrange still photography – either behind the scenes coverage, or as part of the shoot. While we are dedicated to provide efficient production services, we are also committed to protect the integrity of your brand and to improve your creative output across all channels.

With more than 10 years of experience in providing production services in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and abroad, we can source the most amazing locations and create once-off and original content – your project will surpass your wildest expectations. E-mail us at hermann@rollingthundersa.co.za to find out more.

Local Feature Film & TV Production in Cape Town

The ROLLING THUNDER South Africa office has a specialised Development Department that focuses on and initiates local feature films and TV productions in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and the rest of Sotuh Africa. Hermann Venter heads up this department as Executive Producer and is currently in the development stage of ROLLING THUNDER’S first feature film.

Production Servicing in Cape Town

We take great pride in supporting foreign productions with their facilitation and film production service needs. We are committed to making sure things run smoothly and we can add value wherever possible. We have great deals in place with the best crew and gear houses. We arrange your aerial shoots, stunt driving, on-set security, or finding a suitable film production studio to film in. We even assist with complex filming permits. Our locations managers specialise in different areas and constantly expand their databases. Our Casting Directors have a vast range of multi-cultural and experienced cast and actors readily available. We can also get you fantastic corporate rates at hotels, car rentals etc.

We even know how you like your coffee. In short: We go the extra mile. With a smile.

For any production servicing inquiries you might have, contact us at hermann@rollingthundersa.co.za

Rolling Thunder Corporate

Whether you need to inspire your call centre agents to keep that smile on their faces even though a customer is shouting profanity at them or your top execs need to keep up to date with the latest financial developments, ROLLING THUNDER is the answer. You can always give your client a printed catalogue, or give them a speech from a podium. However, if you want to actually show an audience your ideas, processes and products in action while highlighting and showcasing the most important points, a corporate video production is the most effective medium to use. ROLLING THUNDER will assist and collaborate with you from the concept and scripting stage through to final delivery. We also offer tailor-made Corporate Packages to fit your company’s needs.

Where else will you find a company that will deliver corporate videos and information at the professional standard that you require – but still with a creative twist that will set you apart from your competitors.

Contact us today for more information about Film, Video & TV Production in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and abroad at hermann@rollingthundersa.co.za